Paul Koch

Paul Koch


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Signdev is a unique service company for the signage and wayfinding industry.


At Signdev, we strongly believe that architectural signage is a market where creativity can blossom. We design complete tailor-made signage solutions to meet the requirements of the project that is assigned to us. We are also offering our stylish standard solutions that are fully customizable and can easily change in dimensions and forms, in order to fit the needs of the building. We do not believe in off-the-shelf signs.


Every building differs in architectural style and functionality for the people that walk through its spaces. So we choose to work with materials that match the style and concept of each project. Signdev versatile product lines can fit like a glove, providing the best way-finding experience for visitors and employees of the building. Our innovative sign systems can combine vintage and future techniques from carving and screenprinting to digital beacon technologies, UV printing, sublimation, routing and engraving.


We have a Worldwide network of local Sign installers and Fabrication Partners, in order to reduce the cost for end-customers. In that way we bring the fabrication of sign systems back to the actual signmakers, opening opportunities for creativity, innovation and added value to their companies, too.


Our aspiration is to design and provide high quality innovative and stylish sign systems that will elevate the functionality and match the aesthetics of the building while enhancing the experience for the people.


Signdev offers multiple services, to meet the needs of today’s signmakers.


  • We design unique and innovative sign systems, easy to manufacture and assemble.
  • We provide online support and offer valuable information and suggestions on matching partnerships for your company.
  • We design and fully develop tools and equipment for the sign and graphic industry.
  • We create high-quality 3D renderings for signmakers and designers.


Contact us for more information.


About the founder of Signdev:


Paul Koch has been employed in the graphic and sign industry since 1993. Working as a signmaker for over 10 years he gained expertise in sign manufacturing, vinyl applications, car-wrapping and sign constructions. Later he worked for diverse distributors and manufacturers in the sign industry focusing on tool development, product design and wayfinding solutions.


Koch has introduced new products into the Benelux sign market such as Scraperite and Knifelesstape. Meanwhile, he started developing his own inventions with partners.

A milestone of Koch’s career was the development and introduction of “Shield Laminator”, the first pneumatic laminator for signmakers, launched in 2013 in collaboration with Neolt Factory in Italy. He managed to make the “Shield Laminator” a highly popular machine, sold by the biggest sign distributors in Europe. His “Shield” was the product that established pneumatic lamination as the new market standard.


Koch is now active as Product developer and designer at Signdev, focusing on designing sign systems and work tools for the graphic industry.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”transparent” down=”16″ up=”5″][/vc_column][/vc_row]