All eyes on you

Continuing on my COVID blog post, I also have a “slow business” time right now. So indeed… I’m pushing the “plain” work of getting my customer and target lists up-to-date. A good list is what seeding is for a farmer and apart from the email address, it has to contain all the basic “ingredients” such as first and last name of the owner, director and/or manager of the company, as well as country, city, phone number or even more detailed information. Only then you are able to send personalized newsletters and emails and only that way you can actually develop a real “face to face” business relationship with your customers.

What strikes me though, as I go line-to-line through my prospects, is the fact that I rarely see any people’s names or faces on websites, especially in the small sign businesses. I also do extensive research on social media and while I’m checking their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, I still find little information about who is behind each company.

Branding your business is all about showing who you are.

In my opinion, a personal approach is key. Especially in these times, people want to buy it from You! Your creativity, attitude, personality, maybe even your charm… This is your business. Instead of hiding it, take advantage of it!
If I cannot find the name of the owner of the company anywhere on the website, I don’t really want to buy anymore, no matter how good the products are. Good business is about reputation: you simply cannot create a reputation if you don’t show yourself. Branding your business is all about showing who you are.

You don’t need to be Apple, Microsoft, Virgin, or Dyson, but they have surely set a great example.

Customers will prefer to buy your product, instead of the same one from a faceless and passionless company. As a minimum, the names of the owners should be there, but why not add some photos too? Why not have a picture moment with your colleagues and photos of the products in the making? Who wants to support boring and anonymous? I hope I will see more websites soon where I can “meet” the owners and the craftsmen/craftswomen creating those signs with their full hearts and passion, taking pride in their products.

And what about Social media? If you do it, do it well and be consistent. I have seen many websites (trust me… most of them) having social media icons without active links… (really?) Also, nobody wants to see a Facebook page that its last post is of 2017. Moreover, if you place the social media icons on your website, make sure that they open in a new page/tab at the browser so that the visitor doesn’t lose your website.

You should be on Social media and make use of them as best as you can, with as little effort as possible.

Even though it is hard to measure the conversion rate of social media, it’s all about the total marketing package. We all know how much we like to browse through our social media newsfeed when we want to relax, see what’s new and find inspiration. So, it is of great importance to engage your customers regularly and update them about your latest news, products, unique features, or stages in the development of your upcoming project. You should be on Social media and make use of them as best as you can, with as little effort as possible. Just do it as a regular thing for the Friday-afternoon. Prepare your posts, pictures, photos, schedule them and pre-write your blog post or next newsletter.

Blog posts? Yes. It is a good idea to write your posts/articles on a regular basis. If you don’t have anything to say about your company, you’re probably not passionate enough about it and this should be your biggest concern. If your excuse is your writing skills…. don’t worry. For sure there’s somebody around you that can help you with proofreading or editing your texts. Plus, the more you write, the better you become at it.

And as the quote by Paul J. Meyer at my blog page says… “Writing crystallizes thought and thought produces action.” 
So… get crackin’ and send me some cool websites, showcasing your company as well as the people behind it and let’s meet on social media!